Top five key messages about type 2 diabetes

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1. Priorities and targets

  • Address blood pressure and lipids.
  • Individualise blood glucose targets based on patient factors and duration of disease.
  • Consider the effectiveness of glucose-lowering medicines in reducing diabetes-related complications and mortality. 
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2. Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Having type 2 diabetes more than doubles the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event. Tight glycaemic control helps prevent the development of long-term cardiovascular events in people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 
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3. Case study: intensifying glycaemic control

This case study is a free educational activity for health professionals. Answer the questions on a clinical scenario and you will receive a feedback report providing a snapshot of your colleagues' responses, evidence-based practice points and an expert commentary. 
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4. Online Clinical e-Audit

We are currently working on a new online Clinical e-Audit on diabetes. This will be available from December 2012. Participation enables you to review your current practice, consider implementing changes and reflect on areas for ongoing improvement. 
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5. Useful patient resources

The NPS website has extensive consumer resources on diabetes. Patients can find more information about medicines and positive lifestyle changes or view a video about diabetes, how it is managed and how to keep in the best possible health. 
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