NPS criteria for selecting new drugs or research

A number of issues will arise concerning new drugs, safety-related information about existing drugs (including drug withdrawal from the market), and newly published research which may modify current management/drug prescribing for a given condition

The following criteria will be used to assess which new drugs or new research might require action by the New Drugs Working Group. Selected topics will satisfy at least three of the following criteria:

  • there is a quality use of medicines component to the issue

  • considered to have an impact on prescribing by GPs and others involved in primary care

  • the medicine relates to an area identified as a priority in NPS organisational plan*

  • belongs to a class of drugs that is the subject of frequent enquiries to TAIS and Medicines Line or from NPS facilitators and sentinel GP observations

  • considered to have a potential impact on PBS utilisation (because of a therapeutic gap, previous experience of high utilisation with similar drugs, cost, or potential use outside of restriction)

  • the PBAC requests NPS include a particular drug in its new drug activities from the new and revised listings of the previous PBAC meeting

  • there is likely to be significant media (either trade or lay) coverage which is causing therapeutic uncertainty or controversy.