Look for NPS RADAR in your prescribing software

NPS RADAR reviews are available on general practitioner desktops in major prescribing packages - Genie and Medical Director. Every time you update your prescribing software, you'll be updating your new drugs (NPS RADAR) information. Because of lead-in times, some reviews may be published online before they are available in your software — subscribe to our free email alerts to make sure you receive the most up-to-date reviews.

You can find NPS RADAR by:

  • Clicking on the NPS RADAR button at the bottom of your prescribing screen when you're selecting a medicine to prescribe; or

  • Going to the NPS RADAR browser in your prescribing software any time you wish to look up new drug information.

If you have:

  • Medical Director 2: look for NPS RADAR under the Resources menu
  • Genie: look under Open.

If you have trouble finding NPS RADAR in your prescribing software, request assistance by completing this form.