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04 Feb 2014 Information on medicines available in Australia containing paracetamol - codeine (combination simple pain relievers), including our latest evidence-based information and resources for health professionals and consumers. The active ingredient is the chemical in a medicine that makes it work. Medicines that contain the same active ingredient can be available under more than one brand name. Brands include both active ingredients and inactive ingredients. You'll find information about brands of medicines that
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01 Sep 2005 Learn about the differences between headaches and migraine, ways of treating both conditions, and problems with codeine in combination painkillers.
02 Nov 2012 Find reliable, independent information about fever. You’ll find resources for consumers and health professionals about this health condition and any related treatments, medicines and medical tests.fever is also known as pyrexia and pyrexia.
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29 Jul 2011 Even though non-prescription pain relievers are widely available, they are still medicines, and can have serious side effects.

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