Giving medicines to children safely and effectively

Medicines and children 

Read the medicine labels and packaging
Do this when you are buying a medicine and each time before giving a medicine to a child. The labels and packaging provide important information that will help you to prevent medicine mistakes. Read more >

Know the child's weight
Calculating the correct dose for a child usually requires their weight. Read more >

Measure liquid medicines accurately
Using an oral syringe or device that comes with the medicine ensures you're measuring the correct dose. Read more >

Keep track of the medicines given
Recording important information about the medicines given to a child can help to prevent dosing errors. Read more >

Ask questions if you're ever unsure about anything
Learn the Top 5 medicinewise questions to ask when measuring and giving medicines to children. Read more questions >

Top 5 medicinewise questions when measuring and giving a child's dose of medicine

  • What is the active ingredient in the medicine?
  • Have I calculated the right dose based on the child's weight and strength of the medicine?
  • What is the safest and most appropriate device for measuring the child's dose?
  • How do I measure and give the dose accurately?
  • Have I recorded what, when and how much medicine was given?

Children's dosing on The Morning Show

Danielle Stowasser from NPS MedicineWise discusses correct dosing of medicine for children with Dr Ginni Mansberg.