Prescribing tips for fixed-dose combination medicines

Fixed-dose combination medicines (FDCs) have benefits but may cause confusion for some

There is a risk of overdosing if patients take the medicines in a fixed-dose combination or co-pack in addition to the separate medicines the fixed-dose combination or co-pack replaces, or under-dosing if patients do not take all the tablets intended for a daily dose from a co-pack.

Information for your patients

Show people which medicines are being replaced by the combination medicine – eMIMs contains drug images for most products.

Explain to patients that:

  • combination medicines contain more than one active ingredient; the active ingredient is the chemical that makes the medicine work
  • the individual medicines are no longer required
  • a co-pack contains two or more different medicines that each need to be taken daily
  • the risk of errors is reduced by returning unneeded medicines to a pharmacy for safe disposal.

Encourage patients to use and maintain a Medicines List to keep track of the active ingredients and brand names of their medicines. This way the patient can see what medicines are contained in their fixed-dose combination medicines and avoid doubling up.

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