Personally Controlled eHealth Record

The new eHealth record system offers you an easier way to share information with your health professionals.

What is an eHealth record?

The personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record system has been introduced by the Australian Government and is part of national health reform.

You can register for your eHealth record, to allow a summary of key information about your health to be viewed online.

Over time, this new system will help healthcare professionals — for example, your GP, hospital doctors or specialists — connect and share important information about treatment you’ve received and medicines you’re taking.

The eHealth record system is funded by the Australian Government. Registration is voluntary.

How will it help me?

Your eHealth record will:

  • make it easier for healthcare professionals to look up important information — this can help them decide on the best treatment for you
  • provide access to key health information in an emergency
  • reduce the risk of problems caused by lack of information — such as being prescribed a medicine you are already taking or one you are allergic to
  • reduce the information you need to remember and repeat each time you go to a medical appointment or see someone new
  • save time and hassle — particularly if you see a number of different healthcare professionals
  • give you online access to key information about your health, wherever you have access to the internet
  • allow you to enter information in the personal notes section, such as diet, exercise or other health-related activities, to keep as a record. Healthcare professionals will not be able to access this part of your record.

Why does NPS support the eHealth record?

NPS views the introduction of the personally controlled electronic health record as an important and necessary first step towards safer and better coordinated healthcare. In particular, we recognise the potential longer-term benefits of the eHealth record in helping people make better decisions about medicines and medical tests.

Accurate and shared information about medicines will help improve care and avoid medicine mishaps, such as unwanted medicine interactions or doubling up with the same active ingredient.

How do I get my eHealth record?

To register for your eHealth record online or to find out how the eHealth record system can help you, visit

You can also register at your local Medicare office or by phoning the helpline on 1800 723 471.

Download or order our An easier way to share your health information brochure.

NPS and eHealth logos

eHealth is an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments to establish a new electronic health system for Australia. The Personally Controlled eHealth Record is central to the new national system and is funded and managed by the Commonwealth Government.