Measurements and test results (MedicineList+ for Android)

My doctor is interested in seeing my measurements and tests record. Can I share it with them?

The app allows you to generate a report to email to your doctor or yourself, which can then be printed. Tap the overflow menu to firstly generate a report. Tap the share button to email the report to yourself or others. 

I have entered a wrong test result. How do I edit it?

Tap the result you wish to edit from the list of test results. This will open the details of the result and allow you to make any changes needed.

How do I delete individual test results?

To delete an individual test result, open the overflow menu and select edit. Select the results you would like to delete then tap the bin button to remove. You can also delete a test result by opening the overflow menu when you are viewing the result.

How do I delete whole tests?

When viewing your list of tests and measurements or viewing the test, tap the overflow menu to open options to delete a test and its results entirely or remove individual test results. The tests and results you’ve added can be deleted. The tests that come loaded with the app are not able to be deleted (but you can delete the results.

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