Personal details (profiles) (MedicineList+ for Android)

Are my details kept private?

Yes. Your information is only visible to you, unless you choose to share it with other people (e.g. your doctor or pharmacist). The information you enter will be stored only on the device you are using and is not shared with NPS MedicineWise or other third parties.

How do I edit my profile?

Tapping on the profile you wish to edit will take you to that profile’s dashboard. You can then tap on the avatar or photo on the dashboard which will take you to the edit screen where you can edit details such as date of birth, gender, emergency contact and any health card details.

Can I delete a profile from the app?

Yes. You can archive a profile by swiping it on the profiles list, and you can permanently delete an archived profile from the app settings menu.

If you think you might want to use a profile again in the future, it is better to archive it rather than delete it. You can then retrieve it from the app settings menu if necessary.

What other information can I store on my app?

You can store an emergency contact and health card information in your profile. Storing an emergency contact allows you to directly call the contact from the app.

Other information such as test results and health professional details can also be stored by accessing these areas from the dashboard.

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