Living with medicines

Buying medicines

Part of being medicinewise when you are buying medicines is understanding your brand choices, including generic brands. Learn about safe ways to keep your medicine costs down, and the pitfalls of buying medicines online.

Choosing medicines

What should you consider when choosing medicines and talking with your doctor? Read how to weigh up the pros and cons of taking a medicine and how to work with your health professional to make the right decisions for you.

Healthy lifestyle choices 

Your lifestyle can directly affect your health. Healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and quitting smoking, may help you avoid illness or enable you to reduce the number of medicines that you take.

Keeping medicines costs down 

Medicines can be expensive, especially if you're taking more than one. Learn ways to keep your medicines costs down, including the PBS Safety Net, generic drugs, and having your medications reviewed by your doctor.

Manage your medicines 

Managing your medicines well can help you get the most benefit from them, and reduce the risk of side effects and interactions. Learn more, including the advantages of knowing the active ingredient and using a medicines list.

Managing multiple medicines 

Read our tips on how to manage multiple medicines and avoid mishaps, including keeping a medicines list, using medication organisers, or talking to your pharmacist.

Side effects and interactions

All medicines have possible side effects and interactions, but not everybody will experience them. Find out why it's important to ask questions, and what to do if you experience side effects.