Living with multiple medicines

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The Living with multiple medicines project is about people’s experience of taking five or more medicines by seeing and hearing them share their personal stories on film.

Our researcher travelled around Australia to talk to 40 people (including 5 doctors and 1 pharmacist) in their own homes or workplaces. Find out what people said about

  • issues such as how they feel about taking multiple medicines
  • communicating with others, and
  • problems they have with their medicines and how these are resolved.

We hope you find the information helpful and reassuring. All information about the people we spoke to is current as of the time we interviewed them.

About the project


I’m Ric Day, I’m part of a project to introduce people to a new resource which is all about living with multiple medications. A lot of people are living with multiple medications, and finding information about their medicines and the experiences that they’re having is a difficult matter because there is so much information not just on the internet, in blogs and chat rooms etcetera. What can you trust? And in fact it bothers me as a physician to see people who are having troubles mainly because they got the wrong information and are confused and are not entirely sure what to do. So this project, called the DIPEx project, uses very innovative methodology, and it relies on recording the experiences of people like you taking multiple medications: the things they’re worried about, the things that have happened, the things to look out for. This methodology was developed at Oxford University, it’s been picked up by three Australian universities; the project is supported by NPS MedicineWise, and we believe it will be extremely helpful. We’d like to invite people to visit the website, to look at the videos, and we hope very much that this will help people with this very serious problem of their experiences with multiple medicines and what to do about these various experiences to help them get a result, effectiveness of the combination and without adverse effects to know what to do.

The Living with multiple medicines project was developed in collaboration with

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