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About preventive health

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For health professionals  

Modifying risk factors can reduce the incidence of chronic disease, which will lessen the burden of premature death and disability.1

Australians are living longer and in better health than any time before. The mortality from preventable chronic disease including cancer and diabetes mellitus is falling — a reduction of 17% in 10 years.2 Daily smoking rates have fallen, and continue to do so, as have the rates of risky alcohol consumption.3

However, other risk factors continue to rise; for example, more than half of all Australians are overweight and do not meet the guidelines for sufficient daily activity.3 Many of the preventive interventions and tests are aimed at people in their 40s.

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Clinical information

The information below is intended for health professionals. It uses the latest guidelines and evidence to help health professionals further understand the issues around preventive health and the importance of using the right test at the right time.

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