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About fatigue

Fatigue is a feeling of constant tiredness or weakness and can be physical, mental or a combination of both.

Fatigue can affect anyone, and most adults will experience fatigue at some point in their life. Each year, around 1.5 million Australians see their doctor about fatigue.

Fatigue is a symptom, not a condition. For many people, fatigue is caused by a combination of lifestyle, social, psychological and general wellbeing issues rather than an underlying medical condition.

In most cases, fatigue will get better over time on its own or with some simple and practical lifestyle changes.

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For health professionals  

Fatigue is often not associated with underlying disease and may remain unexplained. It is often associated with lifestyle, psychosocial and physical causes, or a combination of these.

Australian Therapeutic Guidelines provide a diagnostic framework for fatigue in primary care, with a focus on accurate and comprehensive clinical history, targeted examination and judicious laboratory investigations, keeping in mind the clinical context.

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Consolidate your knowledge on fatigue, brush-up on current guidelines and practices and earn CPD points through our learning activities.

  • Educational visit (one-to-one or group meeting): Back to basics for fatigue: a diagnostic approach. Based on the principles in Fatigue: a diagnostic approach in primary care (Therapeutic Guidelines) this program looks at the benefits of patient-centred approaches, the importance of clinical history and examination, when testing is more appropriate and which tests to consider.
  • Interactive online case study: Fatigue: a diagnostic approach to deal with uncertainty: Meet Arya Saab, a 35-year-old woman who has been feeling tired for the last 2 months and asked for some tests to determine the cause of her fatigue. Eligible for CPD points for GPs, pharmacists and nurses.
  • Online learning module: Fatigue: a diagnostic approach to deal with uncertainty: This free interactive online learning module explores the diagnostic approach to fatigue in young to middle-aged adults. Eligible for CPD points for GPs, pharmacists and nurses.

Clinical information

The information below uses the latest guidelines and evidence to help health professionals further understand the issues around fatigue.

Other tools and resources

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