Evidence and research

Capturing and synthesising the highest quality evidence and research

Formative research

Our Formative Research team synthesises information from a wide range of sources to identify potential needs, gaps, barriers and enablers associated with medicines, medical tests and broader health topics of importance that are relevant to government, health policy, primary care and consumers. 

Formative research capabilities also include systematic horizon scanning of the health environment to identify clinical topics of interest, relevance, value and potential impact for health professionals and consumers.

Literature reviews

NPS MedicineWise has access to all key health and medical databases and capability to conduct a wide range of narrative and systematic reviews, tailored to individual programs and client needs, including projects for government, research, commercial and other health organisations. 

Our multi-disciplinary team conducts literature reviews using internationally recognised guidelines, including published and unpublished sources, with support from an established in-house library and health information specialist. 

We have expertise in formal quality assessment of extracted literature and summary reports can be developed according to relevant organisational guidelines and requirements. 

Report recommendations can be developed in consultation with relevant groups and individuals to ensure that the review draws valid, clinically-relevant conclusions from the available evidence.

Health technology and medicines research

NPS MedicineWise provides specialised health technology assessment consulting and support services that are tailored to individual customer needs, including but not limited to:

  • technical writing support for the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) review and the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC)
  • extensive research and review of technical applications and guidelines
  • consultation with committee personnel to ensure key topics are understood and addressed appropriately, including documents that will form public record
  • detailed, quality, accurate documentation of committee discussions and decisions recorded by experienced in-house health economists and scientific communications experts
  • established quality assurance and confidentiality processes to ensure the appropriate handling of sensitive data and documents
  • secretariat support services including research, preparation and synthesis of presented data to support advisory groups and other committees in their key decision-making activities.

Evaluation research

Our team of evaluation experts monitors new and emerging evaluation methods and techniques, including:

  • actual versus predicted medicines utilisation
  • longitudinal studies using MedicineInsight data
  • randomised controlled trials of interventions to improve medicines adherence.

Research into health professional and consumer perspectives

NPS MedicineWise consults with government, research, commercial and other organisations to inform the protocol for our health professional and consumer research. 

We conduct literature-based, quantitative and qualitative research on health professional and consumer knowledge, attitudes and behaviour associated with medicines, medical tests, broader health topics, and diagnosis and management of clinical conditions. 

We also conduct focus groups, interviews and national surveys to inform the development of interventions that improve health and economic outcomes.

    Market research

    We have experience in analysing health research and the healthcare market to identify gaps in:

    • healthcare communications
    • healthcare interventions, programs and services
    • health professional and consumer support
    • health literacy and education
    • disease and health condition awareness
    • medicines information.

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