Who we work with

We work with member organisations, industry and professional organisations, consumer organisations and government, and seek advice from a broad range of expert advisory groups.

We conduct regular educational visits with GPs and group training with pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals. We encourage adherence to prescribing guidelines and help facilitate better communication with patients regarding a range of health and medicine issues.

We also work extensively with consumers, conducting research and devising a range of interventions to help overcome areas where knowledge is lacking or where a change in behaviour would produce better health outcomes.

Recognising that culturally and linguistically diverse individuals often have poorer health outcomes and lower medicines literacy, we have a team dedicated to providing information, support and interventions directly targeted at these communities. This includes in-language resources, direct outreach programs and peer-educator visits providing information and tools for those most in need.


Involving consumers in our work

NPS MedicineWise is committed to involving consumers in our work, so that they can influence what we do and participate in the development of our programs, products and services.

The NPS MedicineWise organisational strategy emphasises our focus and commitment to keep consumers at the heart of all that we do – to ultimately achieve better health outcomes for all Australians.

Central to this commitment is our pledge to genuinely engage with consumers, communities and organisations at all levels of the organisation and throughout the process of developing all our programs, products and services.

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Our members and guideline groups

Our member organisations have a vested interest in the quality use of medicines (QUM) and are an important and valuable asset to our work.

We have 46 member organisations representing general practitioners, pharmacists, specialists, nursing, other health professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, government and the Australian community.

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