Beclomethasone dipropionate

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Qvar (3M Pharmaceuticals)

inhaler and autohaler delivering 50 microgram or 100 microgram per inhalation

Approved indication: asthma prophylaxis

Australian Medicines Handbook Section 19.2

This new formulation delivers beclomethasone dipropionate using a propellant which does not contain chlorofluorocarbons. In addition, the beclomethasone is in solution rather than in suspension. As a result, this formulation produces much smaller droplets than the particles produced by conventional inhalers. This results in a bigger dose being deposited in the lungs.

Lower doses of this formulation are needed to produce the same effects as a conventional inhaler. A patient currently inhaling a total daily dose of400 microgram of beclomethasone will probably need only 200 microgram of the new formulation. As the delivery devices only provide half the dose per inhalation as that delivered by conventional puffers, a patient will take the same number of puffs as they currently do with inhalers delivering 100 microgram per inhalation.