Alison Haywood, Senior lecturer, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus and Beverley Glass, Professor of Pharmacy, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland

This book presents a thorough examination of some 50 oral liquids prepared extemporaneously from commercially available products, mostly tablets. Since the commercial availability of oral liquids is limited, and the world's population is ageing with concomitant swallowing difficulties, this resource offers a real advantage to both the prescriber and the pharmacist in the provision of quality oral liquids which can be safely administered to patients unable to swallow solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.

This book provides monographs for oral formulations commonly prepared in UK hospitals. Each monograph provides essential information such as: formula, method of preparation, risk assessment, stability, storage and references. The comprehensive list of references for each drug monograph, relating to stability data and in some cases bioavailability, provides the prescriber with evidence that a quality product is being prepared. The first section of the book also provides interesting insight into the appropriate standards with respect to personnel, equipment, documentation, procurements and monitoring required for extemporaneous dispensing.

Of particular use and unique to this text is the inclusion of a 'risk assessment' section in each monograph which addresses the clinical and technical risks associated with the extemporaneous preparation of each oral liquid. The attention of the health professional is drawn to the potential risks, for example formulation failure and calculation errors, associated with extemporaneous dispensing, and a checklist is also provided which will assist in managing this risk.

This book is not only a useful resource, but a valuable addition to the texts available on extemporaneous dispensing for those prescribers wanting quick access to suitable oral liquid alternatives when commercially available products are not available.

Alison Haywood

Senior lecturer, GriffithUniversity, Gold Coast Campus

Beverley Glass

Professor of Pharmacy, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland