Australian Prescriber readers are now able to report adverse drug reactions directly to the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee (ADRAC). A new computer system will also allow readers to request information from the database of adverse reactions.

Health professionals who are likely to use the new service regularly can become 'registered reporters'. Those who just wish to report reactions occasionally can do so as 'unregistered reporters'.

To access the service, people can connect to the web site of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (

They can then click on the 'Online Services' button and follow the links.

The Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee is planning further electronic developments. From later this year it should be possible for general practitioners to submit reports of adverse reactions if they use prescribing software on their practice computers.

For health professionals who do not use computers, reports can still be mailed using the 'blue card'. Copies of the blue card are distributed with Australian Prescriber four times a year.