Editor, – Congratulations on reaching this distinguished milestone. It raises many memories for me - mostly fond. In my time as Editor I was critically dependent on the highly professional input to the journal from the Executive Editorial Board (EEB). Without their input the journal would have 'gone under' at the first of the several hurdles you discuss. As a public servant the journal brought me into contact with many colleagues across Australia and opened new contacts overseas. This should not be underestimated in what could have been an isolated existence in the 'wastes of Canberra'.

The first major hurdle, possible extinction, was an opportunity to prove the value of the journal. While lobbying to maintain the journal went on, in parallel, the EEB was holding 'clandestine' meetings to ensure continued publication. I well recall one such meeting at Sydney University which, at the time, reviewed material for what seemed to be the last issue. Volume 6 Issue 2 of 1982 marked the expected demise of the journal, however, thanks to all the lobbying, the journal was restored in 1983.

I now look forward to the 40th and 50th anniversary celebrations.

Rod Hall
Editor, Australian Prescriber, 1980-88