Melbourne:Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2009.
366 pages. Price $39, students $30, plus postage. Also available in electronic format as eTG complete.

Chee Koh, Academic General Practice Registrar, Department of General Practice, University of Sydney, Westmead Hospital

Like previous editions, this book aims to provide 'busy health practitioners' with therapeutic information that is 'clear, practical, authoritative and succinct'.

The layout and structure of the book remains largely unchanged from the previous edition. However, the chapter 'Getting to know your drugs' has returned to the front of the book.

Merits of the book include:

  • its use of simple language and clear, concise presentation of information
  • comprehensive and up-to-date chapters on diabetes and its management
  • timely updates on topics such as obesity and male hypogonadism.

The book has some shortcomings. There is no chapter on the use of hormones for transgender conditions − even in my training practice in a regional setting I am starting to see occasional, but increasing numbers of, transgender patients seeking quite complex advice about hormone therapy and issues surrounding its use. Also, the book's textbook-like structure detracts from it being the quick reference guide that busy doctors love to have handy.

Despite the shortcomings, this latest edition remains an invaluable guide in clinical practice, and has remained true to its core values since its inception.