Professor John Tiller retired as the chairman of the Editorial Executive Committee of Australian Prescriberat the end of 2010. This concluded a long association with the journal, beginning in 1992 when he stood in for a colleague on sabbatical leave for a year. Professor Tiller joined the Committee as a full member in 1995 and became the chairman in 2005.

Although Professor Tiller's primary interest is psychiatry, he has contributed greatly to the discussion of other therapeutic topics. His sense of humour has helped the Editorial Executive Committee through its considerable workload. Tiller's travel tales have been particularly entertaining.

Perhaps because of his extensive involvement in research, Professor Tiller is a firm believer in the importance of independent information about therapeutics. He has been a strong supporter and advocate forAustralian Prescriberand has represented the journal well. The Editorial Executive Committee has appreciated this enthusiasm and looks forward to Professor Tiller's continuing support.