Dr David Liew

Dr David Liew is a consultant rheumatologist and clinical pharmacology fellow at Austin Health, Melbourne. He is currently undertaking a PhD in personalising rheumatic disease therapy. He held the clinical pharmacology registrar position on Australian Prescriber’s Editorial Executive Committee in 2017.

Dhineli Perera

Dhineli Perera

Dhineli Perera is a clinical pharmacist specialising in infectious diseases at Austin Health, Melbourne. She has previously worked in community pharmacy and been involved in pharmacy education, and interned at World Health Organization, working on an essential medicines program. She holds a Master of Pharmacy Practice and a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in health economics.

Dr Janine Rowse

Dr Janine Rowse has previously worked as a general practitioner and lectured in refugee health at the Australian National University. She is currently studying for a Master of Forensic Medicine, and was involved in the roll-out of an innovative public health promotion program targeting type 2 diabetes in Aboriginal Australia.

Dr Justin Coleman 

Dr Justin Coleman is a GP at Inala Indigenous Health Service in Brisbane. He is a freelance medical writer, editor of Diabetes Management Journal, GP Academic at Griffith University, an RACGP representative, and hosts the GP Sceptics podcast series.

Dr Andrew Boyden

Dr Andrew Boyden

Dr Andrew Boyden is a GP in Canberra, and a medical adviser at NPS MedicineWise. He also has qualifications in public health. He is interested in evidence-based healthcare, specifically in the prevention and management of chronic disease, and the quality use of medicines and diagnostic tests.

Dr John Dowden

Dr John Dowden

Dr John Dowden is the Editor-in-Chief of Australian Prescriber. He has worked in a variety of hospital specialties and in general practice in several different countries. As well as his work at Australian Prescriber, John assists the two other independent sources of drug information in Australia, the Australian Medicines Handbook and Therapeutic Guidelines. John is the Chair of the charitable Therapeutic Guidelines Foundation which assists health professionals in developing countries to produce their own treatment guidelines.

Dr Ashlea Broomfield 

Ashlea Broomfield photo 

Dr Ashlea Broomfield is a practicing GP in regional North Coast NSW. She has a passion for education, evidence-based practice and drug-rep-free prescribing information! Ashlea also enjoys advocating for her profession and has held various positions within General Practice Registrars Australia, North Coast GP Training and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Currently she is the chair of the NSW New Fellows Committee and the Vice Chair of the NSW RACGP Board.

Jo Cheah

Jo Cheah is the clinical trials pharmacist (mainly oncology) at Cabrini Health, Melbourne. She has worked in private and public hospitals as well as in community pharmacy. She is interested in staff development and contributing to systems that improve efficiency and reduce wastage. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice and is a member of SHPA.