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The Australian Prescriber Podcast provides a regular dive into some of the many great articles that Australian Prescriber publishes every two months. In each episode, one of our hosts will chat with an author from a recent issue of Australian Prescriber.

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Episode 127 – Chronic non-cancer pain in older people

David Liew talks with clinical pharmacology registrar Gloria Wong about some of the challenges involved in the pharmacological management of chronic non-cancer pain in frail older people. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 126 – Cluster headache

Cluster headache is one of the worst pains that can be experienced. Apart from the pain, what distinguishes a cluster headache from other headaches, and how do you go about treating them? Dhineli Perera finds out from neurologist Jason Ray. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 125 – How to quit smoking

Tobacco smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and illness in Australia. Jo Cheah chats to GP Colin Mendelsohn about the most effective ways to stop smoking. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 124 – Therapeutic Guidelines Psychotropic

What’s the latest management advice for anxiety, insomnia, dementia, suicide risk and personality disorders? Justin Coleman chats to GP Nick Carr who is one of the authors of the 8th edition of the Psychotropic guidelines.

Episode 123 – Top 10 drugs 2020-21

Dhineli Perera chats to Australian Prescriber Editor John Dowden about the top 10 drugs prescribed last year in Australia and their costs to government. How have these drugs changed compared to previous years, and why? Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 122 – Medical abortion in primary care

Ashlea Broomfield talks to Medical director of Family Planning NSW Deborah Bateson about medical abortion – a safe, cost-effective alternative to surgical abortion in early pregnancy that can be provided by GPs. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 121 – Iron deficiency without anaemia

David Liew talks to haematologist Cecily Forsyth about this common yet under-recognised condition that can cause a range of non-specific symptoms such as lethargy, irritability and restless legs. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 120 – Therapeutic Guidelines Developmental Disability

Justin Coleman chats to Nick Lennox, one of the authors behind the latest update to the Developmental Disability guidelines, which involves a strong focus on what to look out for as a GP.

Episode 119 – The problems with fluoroquinolones

Tendinopathy, aortic disease, retinal detachment… These are just some of the adverse events which may be linked to fluoroquinolones. Dhineli Perera chats to Diva Baggio about the evidence for these effects, and the associated risk factors. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.