The Australian Prescriber Podcast provides a regular dive into some of the many great articles that Australian Prescriber publishes every two months. In each episode, one of our hosts will chat with an author from a recent issue of Australian Prescriber.

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Episode 92 – Testing for COVID-19

David Liew talks to infectious diseases physician Anna Brischetto about the different COVID-19 tests, when to use them, and what samples to take. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 91 – Opioid prescribing in dentistry

Jo Cheah talks to pharmacist and dentist Leanne Teoh about the issues around prescribing opioids for dental pain and discusses the more effective and safer alternatives. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 90 – What is hypertension?

How do you define high blood pressure? It depends on the guidelines you use. Justin Coleman interviews Genevieve Gabb about the differences in international guidelines and ways of measuring blood pressure. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 89 – Prescribing medicinal cannabis

What do GPs need to know about prescribing medicinal cannabis in Australia? Ashlea Broomfield interviews pharmacologist Jonathon Arnold and GP Tamara Nation about this controversial area of medicine. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 88 – Managing chronic leukaemias

Life expectancy of chronic leukaemia patients has greatly improved. Jo Cheah interviews Eric Li about the new drugs that have made this possible. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 87 – Potions and the dark arts: the latest from eTG Toxicology

Justin Coleman interviews Venita Munir about the latest updates from Therapeutic Guidelines on all things toxic, including mushrooms, button batteries, paracetamol, snake and spider bites, and recreational drugs.

Episode 86 - Deprescribing in older people

Ashlea Broomfield interviews Michelle Liacos about the safest approaches to reducing polypharmacy in older people. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 85 – Managing autoimmune disease during the pandemic

Should patients with rheumatic disease stop taking immunosuppressants during the COVID-19 pandemic? To find out, David Liew interviews rheumatologist Philip Robinson and infectious disease physician Evan Bursle. Read the full editorial in Australian Prescriber.

Episode 84 – Managing proteinuria

What do current guidelines recommend? Ashlea Broomfield interviews Akshay Athavale about current treatment guidelines for proteinuria, in particular albuminuria. Combined renin­–angiotensin­–aldosterone inhibition is not recommended. Read the full article in Australian Prescriber.