Many GPs who are part of a practice that participates in the MedicineInsight program have the option of conveniently selecting to use data retrieval features for the Clinical e-Audit.

The MedicineInsight program extracts de-identified patient data from consenting general practices via a data extraction tool that works with the practice’s clinical information system (eg. Best Practice or Medical Director). The de-identified data are analysed by NPS MedicineWise and reports can be shared with the general practice via a practice visit from a Clinical Services Specialist, to support quality improvement. 

Once a GP enrols in Clinical e-Audit and opts to use the data retrieval features, they are presented with a list of de-identified patients who potentially meet the inclusion criteria and are assigned to that GP. To see the names and data of those patients, and choose which patients to submit to the Clinical e-Audit, the GP must select to re-identify the list of patients. For security reasons, re-identification will only occur if the GP is accessing the Clinical e-Audit within their medical practice. The re-identification process is dependent on the MedicineInsight extraction tool being installed on the practice’s clinical software and consequently patient names are only visible to the GP.

Once a GP chooses the relevant patients for the Clinical e-Audit, the patient data will be automatically populated in the Clinical e-Audit. Before the data is saved in the Clinical e-Audit and stored by NPS MedicineWise, all patient names are encrypted with a key that is generated from the GP’s Clinical e-Audit password. The encryption is ‘one-way’ which means the GP is the only one who can unencrypt the information and identify the patient. NPS MedicineWise will never know who the patients are.

A GP must enrol in the Clinical e-Audit and specifically select the option to use the data retrieval features for their patient data to be populated. It is in the control of the GP as to whether or not they use the data retrieval features, or enter the patient information manually into the Clinical e-Audit.

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