Pharmacy Practice Review FAQ

Find out more about NPS MedicineWise Pharmacy Practice Reviews and how they work. 

Completing episodes of care

How many episodes of care will I need to complete?

  • For all Pharmacy Practice Reviews developed before 2016, 10 episodes of care are required to be recorded and submitted. From 2016, there has been an option to record 5 or 10 episodes of care to be eligible for 15 or 24 Group 3 CPD credits, respectively. You will be asked to decide on which option once you have entered 5 episodes of care.
  • Interns: please confirm the minimum requirements applicable for inclusion in your training program. Contact your intern program coordinator for more information prior to completion.

Can I change my mind after I decide on 5 or 10?

  • Once you have decided to submit 5 or continue to 10 episodes of care, you will not be able to change your mind.

Should I complete the questions while talking to the patient?

  • No. Pharmacy Practice Reviews are designed for you to reflect on your practice. Reflect on the episode of care and record details about your encounter after you have had an interaction with a patient.

Do I need to complete each episode of care before exiting Pharmacy Practice Review?

  • No. You can complete each episode of care over any number of sessions. You will need to remember to save by selecting the save icon so that you don’t lose any data you have entered.

Do I need to complete the required episodes of care all at once?

  • No. You can complete your review of episodes of care over any number of sessions. When you log in to the Pharmacy Practice Review, under the menu, you can access any episodes of care you have started and add more.

  • You may self-record the time spent on the activity if you do not complete the activity.

Will I get confirmation that my information has been submitted successfully?

  • When the information is successfully submitted the Summary report will be displayed.

Saving and deleting

Does the Pharmacy Practice Review automatically save what I enter?

  • If you leave a page before completing it, you need to select the save icon (floppy disk) to save the information you have entered on that page. The information automatically saves when you click Next or Previous. You will lose information if you accidentally close the program without saving each page or your session times out. When you navigate to another page, you will get a popup warning about saving your information. Read the information carefully before proceeding.
  • The application will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Can I change information after it is saved?

  • The application will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Yes. You can change information at any time before submission. From the Episode of care page, select the edit icon (pencil) next to the name of the patient you want to update. However, once information has been submitted, you will not be able to change any episode of care information.

Can I delete an episode of care?

  • Yes. You can delete an episode of care at any time before submission. From the Episode of care page, select the delete icon (x) to delete the patient you want to remove. However, once information has been submitted, you will not be able to delete an episode of care.

Patient privacy

Are my patients’ names de-identified?

Why are some patients’ names displaying as a mixture of symbols, numbers and letters?

  • Patient names are encrypted by a key that relate to the password you created. If you have lost your password and it has been reset, some patient names may not be able to be decrypted and retrieved.
  • When you login for the first time with a reset password, patient names that are already entered will have a question mark in front of them, indicating that they have been ‘lost’. Some patient names may have been recovered correctly, because the letters of the family name match the data stored in a cookie on your computer, however if there is no match the patient name will be ‘?yyyyymmdd xx’ with yyyymmdd being the date of creation, and xx being the first two letters of the family name. Edit these names by selecting the edit icon (pencil) next to the name of the patient.


CPD and participation

How many CPD credit points will I get?

  • 8 hours of Group 3 CPD or 24 CPD credits for completion of 10 episodes of care.

  • 5 hours of Group 3 CPD or 15 CPD for completion of 5 episodes of care (available for Pharmacy Practice Reviews developed from 2016 – see individual product information).

When are the points allocated to me?

  • To complete the activity, you need to record the required episodes of care, reflect on your practice and provide your feedback about the activity. On completing the activity, you can download or email your Completion certificate for your CPD portfolio for self-recording.

Why can’t I access my Completion certificate after I have submitted the required episodes of care?

  • To access your completion certificate, you need to complete all appropriate questions for the Reflect on your practice page and you need to also submit Provide your feedback. If you have completed all these components and still cannot access your Completion certificate, please contact NPS MedicineWise at [email protected] or call NPS MedicineWise (02) 8217 8700.

How do I self-record this activity?

The Pharmacy Board of Australia Guidelines on CPD state that records of participation in CPD must include:

  • date of activity
  • source or provider details
  • type of activity
  • topics covered during activity
  • accreditation status
  • CPD credits.

Records should be maintained for at least 3 years. The Completion certificate may be used to support your records.

Are there any costs for this activity and any related services?

  • No, Pharmacy Practice Reviews are one of the free education and quality improvement activities provided to Australian pharmacists by NPS MedicineWise.

What pharmacy registration year does this activity qualify for?

  • The completion date of this activity determines the registration cycle that the activity counts towards. If you are an intern pharmacist, you may have a specific date that you need to complete the activity to complete your registration, please contact your intern program coordinator for more information.

Technical help

What browsers are supported?

The system supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

What are the minimum system requirements?

  • The minimum requirements are internet access and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

Do you store anything on my computer?

  • Yes, a small file called a ‘cookie’ is stored in your internet browser. You may need to set your browser to accept cookies. The cookie stores a unique patient identifier and the patient name you enter. The activity will reference the cookie if your patient names are lost (e.g. during password reset).

Can I access the activity from work or home?

  • Yes. You can login to the activity from any location that has internet access.

I need more help, who can I contact?

An online support form is available within the application. You can contact NPS MedicineWise at [email protected] OR call NPS MedicineWise (02) 8217 8700 during business hours (EST).