These short videos briefly describe treatment with immunoglobulin products to help you understand why immunoglobulin products have been prescribed, and feel reassured about this treatment.

Your healthcare team is the best place to start for information about the diagnosis and treatment of any condition. Talk to them if you have more questions about immunoglobulin products.


Video 1: About immunoglobulins

In this short video, Professor John Ziegler, immunologist, introduces immunoglobulins and describes how immunoglobulin products are used for the treatment of immune-related conditions.

You will learn about the conditions that immunoglobulin products can treat, how immunoglobulin products are made, their safety, and why they need to be carefully managed.


Video 2: Immunoglobulins and me: Catherine

In this video, Catherine, a working mother with three children, talks about her diagnosis with an immune deficiency disorder, the treatment she receives with intravenous immunoglobulin products, and how her treatment helps her live a full, productive and active life.


Video 3: Immunoglobulins and me: Cheryl

In this video, Cheryl talks about her diagnosis with an immune deficiency disorder after suffering infections since childhood, how she worked with her specialist to find the right treatment for her, and how she treats herself at home with immunoglobulin products.

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