Fact sheet: Choosing Wisely – Immunoglobulin products

Immunoglobulin products are a type of treatment made from plasma donated by healthy volunteers. This factsheet contains helpful information about immunoglobulin products and a list of five important questions to ask your doctor if you or someone you care for has been prescribed one of these products.


Fact sheet: Immunoglobulin Products in Australia – Information about access and consent

Immunoglobulin products are a precious resource. This fact sheet outlines the careful management process required to ensure adequate and affordable supply of immunoglobulin products to Australians who need them.

This fact sheet also provides helpful information on the types of consent you should provide during your treatment with immunoglobulin products.


Fact sheet: Switching immunoglobulin products – What should I know? What can I do?

Find out more about why product changes sometimes occur, what you can expect when you change products (and why), and what you can do to prepare if you are asked to change.

More consumer information will continue to be developed. Please keep checking back regularly for more content, tools to support your treatment and helpful links to more places to find the information you need.