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Management of autoimmune disease during the COVID19 pandemic

In the absence of confirmed or suspected COVID-19, people with autoimmune disease should maintain their treatment. In an editorial in Australian Prescriber, Associate Professor Philip Robinson and Dr Evan Bursle from the University of Queensland look at the evolving data and recommendations for treating autoimmune disease in times of COVID-19.

Opioid prescribing in dentistry – is there a problem?

Dental prescribing of paracetamol with codeine has increased by 21% since codeine was made prescription-only in February 2018. Dr Leanne Teoh from the University of Melbourne examines opioid prescribing in dentistry and how anti-inflammatory medicines are often a more effective and safe option for pain relief.

What’s the latest in migraine management?

Start early with effective medicines to relieve an impending migraine and consider prevention strategies if migraines are frequent or severe. Dr Bronwyn Jenkins from the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney reviews updated Australian guidelines for headache management.

Medicinal cannabis – what, when and how?

Legal access to medicinal cannabis has been increasing, but some people are reluctant to speak about it to their doctor, and only a small proportion of doctors feel comfortable discussing cannabis with their patients. In a new article in Australian Prescriber, Associate Professor Jonathon Arnold from the University of Sydney and co-authors review the evidence for medicinal cannabis, when it might be helpful, and how it can be accessed.

Real-time prescription monitoring: helping people at risk of harm

Real-time prescription monitoring may identify patients at risk of harm from psychoactive drugs. Drs Malcolm Dobbin and David Liew offer advice on helping people identified as being at risk. These people should be treated with respect and free from bias and discrimination.

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