Ribavirin 200 mg now available on GeneralSchedule (S85) and S100 (HSD)

In addition to the 400 mg and 600 mg strengths of ribavirin (Ibavyr) available on the PBS, ribavirin 200 mg was listed on 1 November 2016 for use in combination therapy with other oral agents for treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection.1,2

Ribavirin 200 mg is listed as Authority required in Section 85 (General Schedule) and Section 100 (Highly Specialised Drugs) of the PBS.1,2

The availability of 200 mg tablets removes the need for the physical splitting of 400 mg ribavirin tablets to achieve lower doses in modified dosing regimens.2

This may be required in a small percentage (up to 10%) of patients, for example, when a lower restarting dose is required after treatment-emergent adverse events.2

PBS eligibility same as for existing strengths of ribavirin

Ribavirin 200 mg is listed on the PBS under the same restrictions and at an equivalent manufacturer price as existing strengths of ribavirin.1 To receive ribavirin 200 mg on the PBS:1

Ribavirin-containing treatment combinations for chronic hepatitis C

Treatment combinations currently available on the PBS for patients with chronic hepatitis C can be found in the General Statement for Drugs for the Treatment of Hepatitis C.

Treatment regimens depend on the hepatitis C genotype, the cirrhotic status of the patient, and whether they have received prior treatment for chronic hepatitis C.3