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Now available in Best Practice and Medtech 32

NPS RADAR is available in Best Practice and Medtech 32 prescribing software, giving more GPs access to the RADAR functions that are an established feature of Medical Director and Genie.

RADAR in prescribing software provides GPs with key information the first few times they prescribe a new drug, and convenient access to the full catalogue of NPS RADAR reviews.

An update for Genie

Not available in your software?

NPS has invited major software vendors to integrate RADAR alerts and reviews into their prescribing software. Contact your vendor if you would like to see RADAR in your prescribing software.

A new release of NPS RADAR in Genie prescribing software is also in the pipeline, adding new-look alerts and fully automatic updates.

On-target, independent information at
the time of prescribing

A RADAR decision-support alert pops up when you
select a drug that has current RADAR information.
The alerts highlight safety, dosing and patient
counselling points that are relevant at the time of prescribing.

RADAR alert messages are designed to be clear, concise, easy to skim and easy to communicate to your patients. Each alert is reviewed by a panel of GPs to ensure it meets the needs of day-to-day clinical practice.

Minimising ‘alert fatigue’

Some prescribing alerts can be intrusive, particularly when they appear frequently. With this in mind, RADAR pop-up alerts are designed to minimise unwanted interruptions. They:

  • appear only the first three times that a new drug is prescribed to any patient
  • can be disabled with an easily accessible checkbox
  • are active for 12 months after a RADAR review is published, so the information is current.
A RADAR decision-support alert, showing the information that is triggered at the time of prescribing (Best Practice). The ‘RADAR’ button, providing
on-demand access to RADAR alerts
(Medtech 32).

Revision history

Updated March 2014 to indicate thatNPS RADARitems are available in Best Practice and MedTech32.