To meet the changing needs of health professionals who need current information at their fingertips, RADAR is going digital.

NPS MedicineWise is designing RADAR to better suit a healthcare environment that is constantly shifting and updating. The new digital edition will feature all the regular high-quality articles PLUS new evidence-based commentary on newly listed specialist medicines, a wrap-up of all new PBS listings, updates on de-listings and changes to indications, and expert commentary.

RADAR Direct will provide you with up-to-date evidence-based information on medicines quickly, so you can make the best healthcare decisions for your patients.


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  1. Go to MyNPS and sign-up online to receive RADAR Direct. You can also sign up to other NPS MedicineWise online publications such as NPS Direct and Australian Prescriber.
  2. Complete the RADAR Direct subscription box on the right-hand side of the print version of this article, or fill out and send in the fax back form included on the flysheet of the December 2015 print issue, or complete, scan and send the form on the inside back cover of the December 2015 issue and we will complete your subscription.

We want to hear from you

While we are changing the way RADAR is delivered we are also investigating ways to improve the product. We would love to hear your views on RADAR. What do you like the most? What needs work? Is there anything you would like to see included in RADAR articles?

To contribute to the RADAR evolution you can leave comments at