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About this site

Medicines use in remote Australia

This website is designed as a central source of information for health workers involved in prescribing and supplying medicines in remote area Aboriginal health services (RAAHS) and other communities. It contains supporting resources for Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Health Practitioners, nurses, prescribers and pharmacists working in these areas.

The site provides links to relevant policies, guidelines, prescribing and procurement tools, online learning and consumer resources. Health workers may also need to refer to additional guidelines and policies at their individual sites.

What is the RAAHS program?

The RAAHS program provides medicines access in remote areas under the Section 100 of the National Health Act. It is complemented by the Indigenous Health Services Pharmacy Support (IHSPS) program, which promotes quality use of medicines (QUM) by funding QUM support services by Indigenous Health Services and approved service providers.

What is quality use of medicines?

QUM means selecting management options wisely and using medicines safely and effectively to improve health outcomes.

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Content for this program was developed in consultation with, and has been reviewed for cultural appropriateness by, Indigenous Health Professionals.