Health insights


MedicineInsight is Australia’s leading national general practice dataset established to support quality improvement in general practice, post-market surveillance of medicines and primary care research. 

It is an increasingly important cornerstone of delivering on our mission to enable better health and economic outcomes. 

MedicineInsight captures monthly longitudinal, de-identified, whole-of-practice data extracted from the clinical information systems (CIS) of participating general practices across Australia. Reports and data from MedicineInsight support research, inform policy development and improve healthcare decisions at local, regional and national levels. 

Using MedicineInsight data

Data analytics 

We analyse data from MedicineInsight, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), 45 and Up Study and other published and unpublished real-world datasets to assess the impact of program and policy interventions on the quality use of medicines, utilisation trends and overall health and economic outcomes.

Evidence and research 

We capture and synthesise the highest quality evidence and research to identify potential needs, gaps, barriers and enablers associated with medicines, medical tests and broader health topics of importance relevant to government, health policy, clinical practice and consumers.

Clinical improvement


Our design team scans the health industry environment and analyses the best available health evidence and research to identify the underlying factors driving the most complex health problems in Australia. 

Through close listening and collaboration with health professional, consumer and other key stakeholder groups, we determine the areas of focus that will make the most significant health and economic impact.


Our cross-functional team of design, clinical and communication specialists consult with our clients, expert advisors and stakeholders to determine the products, services and channels that will maximise program engagement and overall health impact. 

We provide a range of options for program implementation, from health professional learning products and activities to public health campaigns for consumers.  


We have extensive in-house capability to evaluate the impact of national health programs, products, projects, interventions and policies on behaviour, prescribing, risk management and health and economic outcomes in Australia. 

Choosing Wisely Australia 

Choosing Wisely Australia is part of a global movement encouraging clinicians, consumers and healthcare providers to have conversations about tests, treatments and procedures where evidence shows they provide no benefit or in some cases cause harm. 

NPS MedicineWise facilitates Choosing Wisely Australia.

Knowledge transfer 

Health professional learning

Our team of e-learning specialists, medical advisers and medical writers works collaboratively to develop health professional learning products and activities that keep health professionals updated on the latest guidelines and evidence across a range of therapeutic areas. Products include:

  • clinical audits
  • data-assisted clinical audits
  • interactive case studies
  • online learning modules
  • webinars
  • in-practice educational visits
  • patient education and support.

Mobile apps 

The MedicineWise app helps consumers manage their medicines and access health information, including:

  • medical conditions, allergies and health professional contact details
  • treatment and doctor appointment reminders
  • Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)
  • evidence-based tools and resources to support better medicines use.

The Doctor’s Bag app supports Australian health professionals during emergencies.

Consumer telephone services

Our in-house contact centre is staffed by pharmacists who give medicines information, support consumers to report adverse medicines events and provide health coaching services.

Public health and awareness campaigns

Our cross-functional team of communication experts develop public health initiatives and campaigns to build health literacy, empower people to be active partners in their healthcare and raise awareness of critical health issues.

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