Dr Lynn Weekes

Lynn is the inaugural CEO of NPS MedicineWise. Since 1998, Lynn has made significant contributions to the development of quality use of medicines resources for health professionals and the wider community.

Prior to joining the organisation, Lynn practiced as a pharmacist in hospital and research settings. She has a doctorate in community medicine, and as part of her thesis developed tools to track and implement the safe and wise use of medicines that are widely referred to. In the 2013 Queen's Birthday honours Lynn was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia for her significant service to Australian community.

Lynn sits on various national boards and committees from government, pharmacy and academic sectors.

Dr Andrew Boyden

Andrew is a general practitioner and Medical Adviser at NPS MedicineWise, with additional qualifications in public health. Prior to joining the organisation, he worked in health advisory and management roles with both government and non-government organisations. This includes working as Director of Clinical Issues for the National Heart Foundation of Australia and Medical Adviser with the Department of Health and Ageing.

He is interested in evidence-based healthcare, specifically in the prevention and management of chronic disease, and the quality use of medicines and diagnostic tests.

Dr Jeannie Yoo

Jeannie brings a real world general practice perspective to her role as Medical Adviser at NPS MedicineWise. Prior to joining the organisation, she combined her clinical work with roles in the digital health and medical publishing sectors. She has a strong interest in high quality clinical care, and the potential of innovation to improve healthcare outcomes.

She remains active in general practice and has postgraduate qualifications in health ethics.

Dr Jill Thistlethwaite

Jill is a general practitioner with over 25 years’ experience as a health professional education consultant. She has previously worked in academia and is regularly invited to speak and facilitate at global health professional events, with her PhD in medical education.

Her interests include shared decision making in health care, team-based practice and women’s health. She has written and edited several books, and co-edits a journal for clinical teachers.

Sarah Spagnardi

Sarah brings a mix of clinical and managerial experience to her role as Channel Delivery Services Manager at NPS MedicineWise. She is a registered pharmacist who has practised in variety of settings including community pharmacy, aged care consulting and Medicines Information.

She has a strong interest in ensuring that consumers can access medicines information in a way that they can use it to make the best decisions for their health, and which supports beneficial conversations with their health care professionals.

Aine Heaney

Aine is a Client Relations Manager at NPS MedicineWise where she has been employed since 2007. She works with clinical experts and government agencies to inform policy development for QUM in hospitals and the wider community. She has practised pharmacy in primary care, hospital and industry settings across the UK, NZ and Australia, and has completed post-graduate studies in clinical pharmacy practice.

Aine has a particular interest in the science behind behaviour change to improve safe and effective medicines use and in ensuring a cost-effectiveness approach to evaluation of health technologies.

Dr Robyn Lindner

Dr Robyn Lindner is the program manager for Choosing Wisely Australia and the architect behind its adoption and establishment in Australia. She has worked in biotechnology and health education for over 20 years.

Robyn has been instrumental in designing and developing the initiative, and working with participating medical colleges and societies who have joined the Choosing Wisely movement by publishing lists of tests, treatments and procedures that should be questioned.