Salary sacrifice

As a not-for-profit health organisation, we can offer generous salary sacrifice and superannuation arrangements.

The following items may be included in salary sacrifice arrangements:

  • mortgage repayments
  • rental payments
  • personal loan repayments
  • insurance payments
  • school fees
  • expense payments (via debit card facilities)
  • motor vehicles (via novated lease)
  • travel accommodation
  • superannuation
  • meals and entertainment.

Banking and lifestyle benefits

Through our corporate banking relationship, our staff can access special offers on a range of banking products and services, as well as lifestyle offers and discounts.

Meet the team

The following is a video of John Dowden, Editor of Australian Prescriber, speaking about his role and life at NPS MedicineWise.

Professional development

We're committed to staff learning and development. Our learning and development (L&D) strategy is managed by our People and Environment team. It is targeted at developing capabilities in staff that assist us in the delivery of our strategic plan.

To support our staff in their development, we also offer additional leave so they can take part in activities such as conferences, courses and workshops.

Flexible working arrangements

We're proud of our commitment to flexible working conditions and a healthy work–life balance. We understand that our employees have a range of commitments outside of work and we've tailored a number of options to meet these needs. Whether you have a family, live far away from the office or like to go to the gym at lunch, we can help you out.

We support flexible working hours which means full-time permanent employees can work between the hours of 7am and 6pm each day, giving you greater flexibility around your work. Our employees also have the option of part-time work in which hours and days are discussed with the individual.

Working from home

You may also be eligible to work from home on a short-term and/or occasional basis. Remote access can be set up if you're working from home.

Extra leave

At NPS MedicineWise we recognise the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal commitments.

Work–life balance

To help our people achieve a work–life balance we've an additional leave category available to staff after an initial qualifying period.

We give our people additional leave each quarter to attend to personal, business or other general life issues that can happen on a normal working day.

Christmas break

Our offices are closed between Christmas and New Year, however at NPS MedicineWise this time off work does not come out of your annual leave. We offer up to 3 days extra leave during this time.

Paid parental leave

We offer paid parental leave on top of any paid parental leave schemes offered by the government.

We stay in touch with our people when they are on parental leave and ensure that they are invited to our regular social events. We support our employees when they return to work, with the ability to negotiate flexible hours depending on job type.

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