The Quality Prescribing Incentive (QPI) is one of the incentives of the Australian Government's Practice Incentives Program (PIP). It aims to encourage practices to keep up to date with information on the quality use of medicines and medical tests and assists practices with maintaining accreditation standards.

Many NPS MedicineWise activities also gain continuing professional development points for GPs, so the practice can earn while your GPs learn.

How does participating benefit my practice?

  • Your practice can receive annual financial incentives by completing a minimum number of eligible activities based on the number of full-time equivalent GPs in your practice.
  • Payments are calculated at $1 per Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) per year. The average full-time equivalent (FTE) GP has an SWPE value around 1000 annually, equating to $1000/annum/FTE GP. The Department of Human Services will advise practices through their Practice Incentives Program quarterly payment advices of the expected number of activities that must be completed by 30 April each year to be eligible for the payment. You can also establish your practice's activity requirements by contacting the Practice Incentives Program on 1800 222 032.
  • Payments are made in the May quarter to practices that have met the requirements in the 12 months to 30 April each year.

How do we participate?

Practices registered for the Practice Incentives Program don't need to apply separately for the Quality Prescribing Incentive. To register or find out more about the Practice Incentives Program or your practice requirements, call the Practice Incentives Program on 1800 222 032 or visit the Department of Human Services website.

My practice is ready to go – what next?

Each practice is required to complete at least three activities per full-time equivalent GP in the reference period 1 May–30 April. One of these three activities must be a clinical audit provided or recognised by NPS MedicineWise.

Activities must be completed by individual GPs, who can complete more or less activities than their colleagues, as long as the practice collectively completes the minimum number of activities required.

We can help you plan your activities

To help you choose and plan your practice’s QPI activities and monitor participation, we send three participation statements per year. You can email at any time for statements.

Note that:

  • We are not the sole provider of activities eligible for inclusion in the Practice Incentives Program Quality Prescribing Incentive. Any organisation that provides a clinical audit on pharmacotherapeutics can apply to NPS MedicineWise to have the audit considered for inclusion.
  • Completion of the same activity will not be recognised more than once for any GP in the reference period (1 May–30 April each year).