Health topics

In this section you'll find information about health topics that are relevant to everyone, regardless of your particular medicine or condition.

Our in-depth, helpful information covers different ages and life stageseHealth and preventive health, plus a range of topics on How to be medicinewise.

Ages and life stages

Learn more about using medicines safely for children, older people, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Combination medicines

Combination medicines can contain two or more active ingredients. The active ingredient is the chemical that makes the medicine work.

Learn about the pros and cons of combination medicines. 

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Find out about the Personally Controlled eHealth Record (PCEHR) — the new eHealth record system that offers you an easier way to share information with your health professionals. Find out how it works and how it can help you.

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Preventive health

Read about preventive activities in people aged 40–49, in particular, which tests make a difference to prevent chronic disease in people in their 40s.

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Living with multiple medicines

The Living with multiple medicines project is about people's experience of taking five or more medicines by seeing and hearing them share their personal stories on film.

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Signs and symptoms

Learn about the types of information that can help identify if a person is unwell or is experiencing a medicine side effect or interaction.

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Learn about how to make sure your patients are fit for surgery, by assessing iron levels before elective surgery to minimise unnecessary risks of blood transfusion.

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