Life at NPS MedicineWise

So what's it like to work at NPS MedicineWise? 

In our most recent staff engagement survey people said they liked working here because it feels like a small community and staff are friendly and supportive of each other. There are many things we do to make sure everyone works hard to deliver our vision and have fun along the way. We're proud of our innovative and dynamic culture, which is strongly aligned with our organisational values.

We believe it's important to be excellent at what we do and to recognise the skills and experience we all bring. Together we create an energy that values these different skill sets. Our work enables people to make the best decisions about medicines and medical tests, creating better health and economic outcomes.

If you value courage, customer centricity, collaboration, integrity and accountability you'll fit right into our culture. These are our values, and they influence how we work together and how we reward our people:

  • Courage - we have the courage to think and do things differently for a better future.
  • Customer centricity - we meet the needs of our customers by listening, responding to feedback and adding value.
  • Collaboration - we seek connections, share learnings and help each other succeed.
  • Integrity - we are ethical, honest, transparent and open-minded.
  • Accountability - we do what we say we will do.

Our offices

We have three offices across Australia. Our largest office in Surry Hills has great public transport access and is set among some of Sydney's best cafes and restaurants.

Our Melbourne office overlooks the MCG and is an easy walk to the city and Bridge Road.

Our Canberra office is conveniently located in Deakin.

Our modern, open-plan spaces reflect our brand and our values. Our meeting space designs are influenced by inspiring figures — from James Dyson to Rosalind Franklin — and aim to promote innovation, creativity and collaboration.

Advanced technology in our state-of-the-art meeting spaces allow us to collaborate across our offices. We use our intranet and regular all-staff meetings to connect and share our knowledge and ideas.

Meet the team

The following is a video of Teresa Vaccaro, Content Development Lead and Andrea Cowley, Medical Writer, speaking about their roles and lives at NPS MedicineWise.

Doing our part for the planet

Protecting the environment is important to us and our staff. We do our best to select 'green' office products wherever possible. We use recycled, Australian-made paper for printing and have recycling programs for all used paper, plastic, toner cartridges and batteries.

We focus on online media wherever possible to reduce print and paper consumption. We also provide state of the art IT equipment to allow collaboration and avoid unnecessary travel.

We have environmentally friendly lighting installed in all our offices and have also tinted the windows in the Sydney office to reduce how hard our air conditioners need to work during warmer months.

Social and WHS committees

Our social and WHS committee members volunteer their time to create opportunities for social networking among staff with a focus on promoting healthy work practices and fundraising for community initiatives. This includes our annual Xmas party – an event that brings together staff from all our offices, their partners and families to celebrate our achievements for the year.

We also celebrate Melbourne Cup Day each year.

Every year for Stress Down Day we host a series of relaxing and fun events in our offices to help raise funds for Lifeline Australia and remind ourselves how to reduce workplace stress.

We work year-round with our corporate charity Hands Across the Water, in supporting children in Thailand who were orphaned by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

In 2013 we raised funds for the RSPCA by organising a cupcake day in each office. We also raised money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance by walking 10,000 steps a day for Steptember.

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