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NPS MedicineWise will be winding up operations of our wholly owned subsidiary VentureWise Pty Ltd during 2020 to streamline and consolidate the way we work with partners and stakeholders within the health system to enhance the quality use of medicines (QUM).

VentureWise Pty Ltd was established in 2015 as a small start up to explore opportunities with new markets and customers. Projects by VentureWise have successfully contributed to the NPS MedicineWise mission to improve the use of medicines and medical tests in areas we were not otherwise funded to work.

NPS MedicineWise will continue to work with a broad range of partners and stakeholders to improve the way medicines and other health technologies are used, with a strong emphasis on maintaining our independence, robust governance, delivering on mission and ultimately optimising our impact.

Work underway through VentureWise will continue until the completion or transition of contracts, at which time the entity will be wound up.


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