Asthma: reading & resources

Systematic assessment of a patient with difficult-to-treat asthma

This resource provides a systematic approach to assessing patients with uncontrolled asthma. 

(Adapted from NPS MedicineWise visiting aid Management of people with difficult-to-treat asthma: a systematic approach)


Australian Asthma Handbook: 

Provides best-practice, evidence-based guidance translated into practical advice for primary care health professionals, including an updated section on difficult-to-treat asthma.

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Centre of Excellence in Severe Asthma 

Developing innovative approaches to understand why severe asthma occurs, developing tools and programs to improve disease management and improving access to new therapies.


Asthma Australia

The national body representing the State-based asthma foundations in Australia and the peak advocacy body for Australians with asthma.

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Severe and Difficult-to-Treat Asthma in Adults 

A 2017 clinical update on difficult-to-treat and severe asthma published in the New England Journal of Medicine

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