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Thyrotropin alfa-rch

Thyrogen (Genzyme)
0.9 mg/mL in 5 mL vials
Approved indication: thyroid cancer testing
Australian Medicines Handbook Section 10.3

This recombinant form of human thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) can be used in diagnostic tests of patients with thyroid cancers. One indication, in conjunction with radioactive iodine imaging, is for the detection of remnant thyroid tissue after total thyroidectomy. The radioiodine is given 24 hours after the second of two intramuscular injections of reconstituted thyrotropin (also given 24hours apart). A similar regimen is used for thyroglobulin testing with a serum sample being taken 72 hours after the second injection. (Thyroglobulin should be undetectable after total thyroidectomy.)

The common adverse effects of thyrotropin are nausea and headache.