About us

NPS MedicineWise is an independent, not-for-profit and evidence-based organisation. We provide practical tools such as medicines lists or the Diabetes Health Tracker, evidence-based information, and continuing professional development educational activities, with the aim to improve the way health technologies, medicines and medical tests are prescribed and used.

NPS MedicineWise works across Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region to positively change the attitudes and behaviours which exist around the use of medicines and medical tests, so that consumers and health professionals are equipped to make the best decisions when it counts. We're proud of our unique track record in making a positive change.

Our staff take part in making a medicinewise Australia.

How we impact the health system

NPS MedicineWise has a significant impact on the way health technologies are used in Australia, so much so that our work has become a benchmark for similar organisations overseas. Our educational programs reach over half of all Australian GPs, and through our website, resources and campaigns consumers are now able to access important health information which previously didn't exist. 

What's more, since our inception, we have saved taxpayers in excess of $650 million. Recent independent research carried out by Deloitte Access Economics on the impact of our work showed that for every dollar invested in NPS MedicineWise, nine dollars are returned either as savings to the health system or improved productivity in the overall economy. That includes savings to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medical Benefits Scheme, a reduction in medication side effects, hospitalisations and disability and improvements in productivity. 

NPS MedicineWise is globally recognised for its work in quality use of medicines and medical tests, and is acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a world-leading organisation in this space. 

We are dedicated to enabling people to be medicinewise.

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