Pharmacy Practice Review

Statins: promoting adherence, addressing intolerance  

Optimise your patients’ adherence to lipid-modifying medicines and improve your confidence in assessing suspected statin-associated muscle symptoms.

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It is recommended that up to 8 hours of Group 3 CPD (or 24 CPD credits) be recorded for the purposes of self-directed pharmacist CPD.

Choose from:

1. Express version: 5 episodes of care for 5 hours of Group 3 CPD (or 15 CPD credits)


2. Standard version: 10 episodes of care for 8 hours of Group 3 CPD (or 24 CPD credits)

You will be given the option to submit your data once 5 episodes of care are entered, or continue to 10 episodes of care.



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Up to 67% of patients using statins are non-adherent to their medicine after 12 months.

This Pharmacy Practice Review provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your support of patients who are using statin treatment. Recognise the reasons for non-adherence and reflect on how you can address this issue. Refresh your knowledge on statin dose titration, cardiovascular risk and lipid targets. Improve your confidence in assessing statin intolerance and review the different management options for patients who experience a muscle symptom.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • identify that statins are first-line lipid-modifying medicines and recognise when and how treatment should be intensified
  • explain the benefits of statins in reducing cardiovascular risk
  • communicate the importance of adherence to lipid-modifying medicine(s) and identify strategies to both assess and achieve adherence
  • review for adverse effects and systematically assess possible statin-associated muscle symptoms in patients who are experiencing muscle symptoms.

You will have access to:

  • up-to-date clinical guidance which provides evidence-based information to update your knowledge and guide your counselling encounters with patients
  • pharmacist tools that inform and support your best practice discussions with patients
  • expert commentary from Professor Ines Krass, BPharm, Dip Hosp Pharm, Grad Dip Educ Studies (Health Ed), PhD, Professor in Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney.


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