Privacy and confidentiality - Pharmacy Practice Reviews

Privacy and confidentiality information for those participating in Pharmacy Practice Reviews.

NPS MedicineWise collects your personal information for the purpose of enabling you to complete a Pharmacy Practice Review. These Privacy and Confidentiality terms and conditions sets out information about how we safeguard your privacy in relation to the Pharmacy Practice Review. Our more comprehensive Privacy Policy which sets out how NPS MedicineWise manages all personal information is available on our website.

NPS MedicineWise takes your privacy seriously. In dealing with personal information, we comply with the Privacy Act and any relevant state and territory privacy legislation. 


What personal details do we collect? 

We collect the following personal information about you for the purposes of enabling you to complete Pharmacy Practice Review:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information (email and phone number)
  • Type of professional group (eg, pharmacist)
  • Registration number 


What will happen to your personal details?

Your personal details are:

  • recorded for NPS MedicineWise evaluation of the Pharmacy Practice Review
  • available from NPS MedicineWise by request in writing. 


What will happen to the data in your Pharmacy Practice Review? 

Your individual results are kept secure and confidential and only available to you.

Your data are de-identified (so that it does not identify any customer, pharmacist, pharmacy staff or pharmacy). These anonymised, aggregate results:

  • are provided to all participants using the Pharmacy Practice Review service
  • may be used in NPS MedicineWise evaluations and reports

The Pharmacy Practice Review is only available for a set period of time. However, when this period finishes, you will still be able to access the data when you return to your profile. 


What will happen to the patient names that you enter? 

NPS MedicineWise has provided you with the ability to enter patient names into the Pharmacy Practice Review to make it easy for you to review the episode of care and management plan for each patient at a later stage.

To ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality, patient names are encrypted with a key that is generated from your password before the patient names are stored in the NPS MedicineWise database. The types of encryption used means that NPS MedicineWise is unable to access or decrypt this data, resulting in NPS MedicineWise not being able to access patients’ names or identify your patients. You can change your login password at any time and still retain this information.

We recommend that you choose a password of sufficient length and complexity (for example at least 8 characters long, including lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols). It is your obligation to ensure your password is kept confidential and that you do not share your password with any other party, including NPS MedicineWise. If you forget your password, it can be re-set by clicking on the ‘Reset Password’ link from the login screen. 


More information

If you have any enquiries or complaints about the way in which we handle personal information, please contact the Privacy Officer:

Email: [email protected]
T: 02 8217 8700
F: 02 9211 7578

Postal address: 
The Privacy Officer
NPS MedicineWise
PO Box 1147
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012