Our quality management, clinical governance and data governance frameworks

Quality management

The NPS MedicineWise Quality Policy underpins our work and describes our quality objectives, principles supporting quality and other fundamental elements of our Quality Management System.

We are committed to:

  • operating in accordance with best-practice ethical frameworks
  • using the best available data and evidence to provide products and services that serve our mission and meet customer and audience needs and expectations
  • listening and responding to feedback from our customers, stakeholders and audiences to help us evaluate the effectiveness of, and continuously improve, our products and services
  • setting appropriate quality objectives for our products and services and continuously monitoring our performance against those objectives
  • ensuring our staff are trained and competent for the work they perform
  • complying with all applicable regulatory and governing body requirements

Our quality objectives address the following:

  • access: to provide access to our programs, products and services by the intended audience
  • safety: to avoid harm to people from the availability and use of our programs, products and services
  • appropriateness: to be accurate, relevant and evidence-based
  • effectiveness: to achieve defined health impacts and outcomes
  • customer satisfaction: to meet customer requirements.

Clinical governance

NPS MedicineWise programs, products and services are developed in accordance with our Clinical Governance Policy which describes the principles, practices and objectives for ensuring good clinical governance. Clinical governance frameworks and product development processes are in place to support the application of the policy.


Data governance

Our data governance framework underpins all MedicineInsight activities to ensure:

  • ownership of data remains with originating general practices
  • data are collected, stored and shared according to legal and ethical requirements, and in line with the principle of public good
  • data conform to a minimum standard of quality prior to use
  • rigorous information security protocols protect the data.

Independent and external Data Governance Committee:

  • provides advice and approval on use and sharing of the MedicineInsight data
  • members include general practitioners, researchers, experts on data security, external academics, privacy, legal and consumer advisers.

Program ethics approval

  • MedicineInsight program has been granted ethics approval from the RACGP National Research and Evaluation Ethics Committee (NREEC).
  • The program is in line with other international datasets (including CPRD) that have generic ethics approvals.

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