About professional education

Evidence-based education and professional development

Join the 16,000 GPs, 9,000 pharmacists and 24,000 nurses each year who complete a free learning activity with us and stay up to date with the latest evidence and guidelines.

Our independent health professional education programs cover therapeutic areas commonly managed in primary care, with activities designed to support more informed decisions about medicines and medical tests and improve patient outcomes.

Most of our activities are accredited for GPs, pharmacists and nurses.

Developed by NPS MedicineWise learning specialists, program content comes from rigorous interrogation of the evidence-base, and is reviewed by independent topic experts, clinical specialists and practicing health professionals.

Through this process we transform primary care data and the latest clinical evidence into meaningful, solutions-focused education, information and practice points. Our learning activities are regularly rated by 80–99% of participants as being entirely relevant to their practice.