Improving population health for PHNs

MedicineInsight is the first large-scale data program in Australia that extracts longitudinal de-identified patient health records from general practice software. The program delivers powerful and flexible insights that can be used for practice quality improvement and to improve population health. All PHNs are represented in the MedicineInsight data. The number of participating practices within each PHN will increase as the reach of MedicineInsight expands.

Understanding general practice activity

MedicineInsight’s customisable data and reporting tools help you identify weaknesses or gaps, understand where you need to commission services, and also support the evaluation of those services. The data is rich – some areas of current focus include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke prevention, mental health and child and youth health.

Practice support

In-practice educational visits can be tailored to meet the needs of the practices within your network. These visits provide the opportunity to interpret and discuss individual GP and whole-of-practice data, identify strengths or gaps, and plan for data-informed improvements in conjunction with the latest clinical evidence and guidelines.

Other services

Additional NPS MedicineWise services, such as the COACH program, Medicines Line and the MedicineWise smartphone app can be integrated to further improve the flow of information between health care providers and consumers and support shared decision-making. 

For more information

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