Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent session 1

1.1 Pitch Presentation

Time Session
11.00 Fitzroy room
  Development of consumer information tools on the benefits and risks of new cancer medicines - 101
Dr Agnes Vitry, University of South Australia
  e-MEDs reporting for quality use of medicines - 102
Katie Hargreaves, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Methotrexate information sources and perception in patients with rheumatoid arthritis - 103
Professor Debra Rowett, Drug and Therapeutics Information Service, University of Adelaide


VicTAG Chemotherapy Audit Toolkit: facilitating health services to prevent errors in the future - 104

Shaun O'Connor, VicTAG

1.2 Lightning talks – Evolving systems and reimagining policies

Time Session
11.00 Torrens room
  The new national Primary Health Network Immunisation Support Program (PHN-ISP) - 105
Aine Heaney, NPS MedicineWise
  Physician perspectives on post-market data collection and market withdrawal/disinvestment as components of accelerated access to medicines - 106
Jessica Pace, University of Sydney
  Safety, quality and savings: benefits of implementing a state-wide medicines formulary - 107
Lisa Robertson, SA Pharmacy 
  Stakeholder roles in managing essential medicine shortages - 108
Mai Duong, Royal North Shore Hospital
  Reforms to advertising of medicines containing Schedule 3 substances - 109
Dr Rebecca Doolan, Therapeutic Goods Administration
11.45 Evaluation of the implementation of the Ohio Emergency and Acute Care Facility Opioids Prescribing Guidelines - 110
Dr Jonathan Penm, University of Sydney
  Antimicrobial drugs and the special access scheme: an anomaly or a marker of a system in crisis - 111
Nadine Hillock, University of Adelaide
  An economic evaluation framework to inform the scheduling of medicines in Australia - 112
Dr Bonny Parkinson, Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy
  Finding solutions for support workers in medication handling in group homes - 113
Jared Brown, NSW Poisons Information Centre

1.3 Panel discussion

Time Session
11.00 Derwent room
  Post-market safety communications and emerging risks of medicines – are we getting it right? - 114

Dr Barbara Mintzes, University of British Columbia, University of Sydney
Lucy Perry, University of Sydney
Alice Bhasale, University of Sydney

Facilitated by Dr Danijela Gnjidic, University of Sydney

11.45 Panel discussion continues

1.4 Digital data stream

Time Session
11.00 Swan room
  MedicineInsight - 115
Rachel Hayhurst, NPS MedicineWise
  Lost in translation: redefining data for optimal patient-centred care - 116
Allan Nash, Grace Wong, NPS MedicineWise
11.45 Digital coaching – using avatars to support self-management of type 2 diabetes - 117
Ornella Care, Bupa
  The extended technical and data applications of the MedicineWise app – beyond a consumer medication management app - 118
Kishen Kaurah, NPS MedicineWise
  Evaluating digital health interventions - 119
Dr Andre Andrade, University of South Australia

1.5 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) stream

Time Session
11.00 Murray room
  Panel discussion:
Understanding the big picture and foundations for change
11.45 AMR stream continues

Concurrent session 2

2.1 Pitch presentations & Lightning Talks

Time Session
11.00 Fitzroy room
  Preventive health: engaging patients with technology - let's develop a patient-controlled preventive health record - 203
Joanne Gross, NPS MedicineWise
  Prescribing medicines safely during pregnancy: antiepileptic drugs as a test case - 204
Noni Richards, Dr Alesha Smith, School of Pharmacy, University of Otago
11.45 Lightning Talks – Clinical innovation

Perceptions of healthcare professionals regarding quality, safety and price of anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive drugs in Pakistan - 205

Asia Pacific Scholarship Winner 
Madeeha Malik, Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hamdard University, Pakistan

  Factors effecting general practitioner decisions to adopt new prescription drugs - 206
Dr Susan Mendez, University of Melbourne
  Resistance decay in individuals after antibiotic exposure in primary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis - 207
Mina Bakhit, Bond University
  More fun for more learning: poke-biotic go; an innovative approach to Antibiotic Awareness Week - 208
Aimee Peterson, Wyong Hospital, Central Coast Local Health District

2.2 Lightning talks – Clinical innovation

Time Session
11.00 Torrens room
  A new model of engaging with specialists: acceptability of PBS Practice Review reports for rheumatologists - 209
Dr Andrew Marson, NPS MedicineWise
  End-of-Life Essentials Professional Education: what do learners tell us they can change in their own clinical practice? - 210
Kim Devery, Flinders University
  An interdisciplinary model of care in general practice for smoking cessation support, and early detection and management of COPD - 211
Dr Johnson George, Monash University
  Empowering and educating mental health consumers with a ‘snowballing’ approach to medicines information provision - 212
Amy Stashynsky, South Western Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Service
  Improving metabolic monitoring of hospitalised patients taking regular antipsychotic medications: the need for local and global interventions - 213
Sarah Dinh, NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group
11.45 Initiation of antipsychotic medicines in older Australians during hospital admission - 214
Dr Lisa Kalisch Ellett, University of South Australia
  Denosumab: how can we optimise use? - 215
Angus Thompson, University of Tasmania
  Using 10% PBS data to investigate medication adherence and its association with the 2014 NPS MedicineWise asthma program in Australia - 216
Jianyun Wu, NPS MedicineWise

2.3 Panel discussion

Time Session
11.00 Derwent room

Bowraville Solution Brokerage - MNCLHD and consumer empowerment in health care delivery - 217

Katie Heather, Bowraville Community Preschool
David Taylor, Bowraville Central School
Tracy Baker, Integrated Primary Care, MNLCHD
Facilitated by Luisa Eckhardt, Mid North Coast Local Health District

11.45 Panel discussion continues

2.4 Improving medicine use

Time Session
11.00 Swan room
  Individualising deprescribing decisions - A general practitioner-led deprescribing intervention in community-living older people with polypharmacy - 218
Ian Scott, Princess Alexandra Hospital
  Minimising the functional burden of medications in older inpatients: implementation of the drug burden index - 219
Professor Sarah Hilmer, Royal North Shore Hospital and University of Sydney
  Insights from a multidisciplinary deprescribing intervention in hospital targeting older patients with Hyperpolypharmacy - 220
Professor Sarah Hilmer, Royal North Shore Hospital and University of Sydney
  Innovations in computerised decision support in hospitals to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy in older adults - 221
Mai Duong, Royal North Shore Hospital

Development of a tool to assess polypharmacy - 222

Nashwa Masnoon, University of South Australia, Royal Adelaide Hospital

11.45 Use of medicines associated with delirium prior to hospitalisation in older Australians - 223
Gizat Molla Kassie, University of South Australia
  Same old problem - but substitutes and altered practice: continued overuse of psychotropic medication in residential aged care - 224
Dr Juanita Westbury, Wicking Dementia Centre, University of Tasmania

Implementation of the Goal-Directed Medication Review Electronic Decision Support System (G-MEDSS) - 225

Dr Mouna Sawan, CDPC, University of Sydney

2.5 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) stream

Time Session
11.00 Murray room
  New approaches to addressing AMR 
11.45 AMR stream continues