Dr Hans-Georg Eichler

Dr Hans-Georg Eichler, speaker at NMS 2018

Dr Hans-Georg Eichler, MD, MSc, is the Senior Medical Officer of the European Medicines Agency in London, United Kingdom, where he is responsible for coordinating activities between the Agency’s scientific committees and giving advice on scientific and public health issues.

Professor Jeremy K. Nicholson

Professor Jeremy K. Nicholson photo

Professor Jeremy K. Nicholson is Head of the Department of Surgery and Cancer as well as Director of the MRC-NIHR National Phenome Centre Faculty of Medicine at the Imperial College in London. His major research focus is on the development of translational diagnostic and prognostic molecular phenotyping and computational technologies as applied to problems in personalised healthcare, microbiome-host metabolic signalling, metabolic diseases and cancer. Professor Nicholson currently holds several honorary professorships and is also a consultant for several pharmaceutical, healthcare and technology companies working in the area of metabolic phenotyping and disease diagnosis. 

Dr John Skerritt

Dr John Skerritt, speaker at NMS 2018

Dr John Skerritt is Deputy Secretary for Health Products Regulation in the Commonwealth Department of Health, covering both TGA and the Office of Drug Control. He has extensive experience in medical, agricultural and environmental policy, regulation, research management, technology commercialisation, and is an Adjunct Full Professor at two Australian universities.

Jo Watson

Jo watson, speaker at NMS 2018

Jo Watson has been a consumer advocate in health for several decades.

She is the Deputy Chair of the Consumers Health Forum and the Chair of the HTA Consumer Consultative Committee, established within the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Jo is a member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and became the first Deputy Chair in 2017.

Professor Andrew Wilson

Prof Andrew Wilson, speaker at NMS 2018 

Professor Andrew Wilson is the chair of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and co-Director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney. He leads the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre. His research interests concern the application of epidemiology to informing decision making in clinical medicine, public health, and health service policy and planning especially in chronic disease prevention and management.

Professor Keith McNeil  

Professor Keith McNeil photo

Professor Keith McNeil is Queensland Health’s Assistant Deputy Director-General and Chief Clinical Information Officer. He plays a key role in the clinical leadership of the statewide eHealth program. He works closely with key stakeholders to maximise the clinical and patient safety benefits associated with technology in the healthcare setting, while minimising risk.

Prior to this role, Professor McNeil was Chief Clinical Information Officer, National Health Service, United Kingdom following roles as Chief Executive Officer at Addenbooke's Hospital and Cambridge University Hospital Foundation Trust.